Therapy Offered

About Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a form of in depth talking therapy where we explore patterns of behaviours and ways of relating to others which may be deeply rooted in previous experiences or memories. Exploring patterns of relating can help us to understand our internal world, and to see how this may be impacting on our current day to day lives. 

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About Music Therapy

Sometimes it can be hard to find a way to express ourselves in words. We may struggle to verbalise our thoughts or it may be too painful to share our feelings directly with another person. For some of us, words may not be an option.

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About Supervision

I offer supervision of individual and group work for arts therapists, and those who would like to explore their clinical work in a creative medium. I work within a psychodynamic framework, with a particular interest in Jungian Psychology.

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Opportunity for a 4x weekly low-fee analysis in Cambridge

As part of my continuing training as a Jungian Analyst with The Society of Analytical Psychology I currently have an opportunity for a person who is prepared to commit to four analytic sessions/week to undergo a reduced fee analysis. 

If you wold be interested in having a low fee analysis then please do contact me to find out more. 

More information about The Society of Analytical Psychology can be found at :